Robot Family Portrait


Celebrate and welcome a new family member by having this custom family portrait created. A heart warming piece of art, perfect for a child's bedroom or nursery. A family portrait with a unique twist, as you are all depicted as little robots! <3

The image is of an example family portrait. The artwork you receive is created separately and especially to your order. I draw the artwork by hand and then scan it to add the colour digitally. What you receive is a PRINT from the original illustration created for you.

I can print more than one copy for you if you wish, these are £2 per extra copy.

Sizes available are 7 x 9.5 inches or 8.3 x 11.7 inches (A4).


- purchase this listing

- send me a conversation and attach photos of the people and child/children to be included. Everyone doesn't have to be in the same photo. NOTE: The main way I personalise each robot is with the hairstyle. Make sure the photos you send includes everyone's typical hairstyle.

- feel free to add any toy suggestions such as a teddy / car / building blocks. I can make the letters on the building blocks relate to the family initials or names. You can let me know if there are specific outfits or colours you want everyone to be wearing. You can also choose to keep it black & white.

- once I've created the portrait I will send you a picture for your approval. It will then be printed onto a high quality 300gsm matte paper and safely mailed in a reinforced envelope.

- processing time is set to 1-2 weeks to allow for creating your custom robot family. How long it takes often depends on how soon I receive your photos to work from.

If you need it by a certain date let me know and I will try to make that happen.

--Frame Not Included.--

*Colours may vary from how they appear on your screen compared to the print.*
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