Custom Dog Portrait


Details at a glance:

- 6” x 8” portrait with an optional 2-inch mount to make it 8” x 10".
- Painted by hand using watercolour paint & pigment-based ink.
- All materials sourced to provide a high quality & long-lasting piece of art.
- Painted onto 300gsm watercolour paper.

Your portrait will be hand painted using a mixture of a water-based ink pen and watercolour paint. This combination creates contrasting marks with the bold ink details against the softer watercolour washes. A monochrome portrait that will look great in any home and make an excellent gift for a doggy loving friend. Images shown are just examples, you will receive a completely custom piece of artwork.

This portrait is 6” x 8” - you have the option of adding a white or black MOUNT which creates a 2-inch border around the work, bringing the final size up to 8” x 10”. Having your portrait mounted means it will be carefully attached to a backing board with the mount placed on top. Mounts are 1.4mm thick and the white backing board is 1.1mm thick - both are of conservation standard and acid-free.


I can also create PRINTS from your portrait that you can buy to gift to others. If you select to have a mount only one is provided along with the original painting. Please contact me if you'd like more than 1 mount when ordering prints and I can set up a custom listing for you.

MOUNT: £8 extra
1st PRINT: £8 extra
2nd & 3rd PRINT: £2 extra
( These charges are due to the extra time & materials needed to provide these options. )

The original will be signed by me, and the prints signed & numbered.

I have carefully sourced materials to ensure that your portrait will have a long life in your home. The watercolour paper and boards used for mounting are all acid-free which prevents the paper or paint from deteriorating over time. The ink pen and watercolour paint that I use are of a professional standard and have a high permanence rating - meaning the painting will remain unchanged for years to come.


- Choose if you’d like your portrait mounted and which colour.

- Choose if you'd like to order prints of your portrait.

- Purchase this listing.

- Send me some photographs to work from - photos taken in natural light work best. The more detail visible in the photograph the more I can include in your portrait. Email:

- I love to know the name and temperament/character of the dog I’m painting.

- Let me know if there’s a certain date you need the portrait for.

Once I’ve created your portrait I will send you a picture for approval before I post it to you.

If you’d prefer a larger portrait size or more than one dog painted please get in contact and we can discuss that.

Processing time is set to 1 - 2 weeks. This time depends on how quickly I receive images to work from and how busy I am when you order. Feel free to get in touch before ordering if you need your portrait by a set date or if you have any other questions.

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