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The whole robot theme of Debmon Design started with drawings of a little robot sat in an armchair, watching a movie. I first drew them during my Foundation year at Uni in 2010. When we had the opportunity to create & display some work in a local arts venue/bar called The Black Box.

Movie Night Robot

In September of 2014, I opened my Etsy shop and "Movie Night" was one of the first products I listed there. Eventually, I decided the robots would enjoy some company. After all watching a film is nearly always better when done with loved ones. When you have someone to share the laughs with or to repeatedly ask about every plot twist.

Then I thought to offer customizable movie night scenes. I'd already seen quite a few custom portraits on Etsy but knew I was onto something unique. The quirkiness of the basis being robots. The composition of everyone gathered on a couch together. And the level of customization I can offer, make mine that extra bit different and charming.

Example Family Portrait Photograph
I often show portrait drawings in progress on my Instagram. This lovely family photograph; that you normally don't get to see will work great to show you the transformation from real people to my whimsical robot characters.
Custom Family Portrait
You can hopefully see the resemblance. Everyone's clothing matched so well in the photograph that I kept the colours quite similar in this portrait. Believe it or not, this is one of the least personalised I've done in some time! Even with the two added toys. Recently a portrait I was commissioned to do had nine personalised details added to it. Some of these included; pizza, beer, a snowboard, pets, Cds and a book.

The beauty is that there's so much room for adding extra details into my custom portraits. It's not just about the people in them, but their hobbies, favourite films or favourite snacks. Whatever you can come up with!
Couple Photograph
Family Pet Portrait
I feel that offering portraits in this way, allows me to team up with you. To help you create a super personal gift for someone you care about. After all, it's all your ideas and knowledge about the people involved that really makes it special. I just put pen to paper! Plus they're so much fun to draw! 
If you have any questions about my custom portraits you can comment below. Or feel free to contact me at Or if you're interested in getting a custom portrait you can have a look at the range I offer here.
Thank you for reading!
Debbie x