I Quit My Day Job! Posted on 27 Feb 15:02 , 0 comments

Yes that’s right! After 9 years working as a Customer Assistant in Boots, I work there no longer. It was my first job. I started when I was in lower sixth, it was really only suppose to be a Christmas temp gig! But after that first Christmas I worked Wednesday nights and Saturdays until I went to Uni. Then I only worked Saturdays and more recently I’d been doing extra hours during the week too. My last day was on 28th January 2017, and boy am I enjoying having my weekends back!!

As you can imagine, having started working in Boots when I was at school it always felt like a student job to me. After starting Debmon Design in late 2014, I hoped that when I eventually left Boots it wouldn’t be to go to another job but to focus solely on running my own business. In January, after getting another super busy Christmas season in retail past me I decided the time was nigh. With each season Debmon Design sales had been improving and I’d always felt having that part-time job, although helpful money wise, was holding me back from really pushing my business forward. I’m still living at home, for now, so this is really the only time I can do this with no real back-up per se.

free falling ginger robot

It might not have been the most sensible move to give up a reliable monthly income. I maybe could have done both for longer and worked more hours. But after 9 years I needed a change and I wanted to challenge myself to see where I can take this, when this alone is my focus. So here I am! Sometimes you just have to take a risk and it’s only when you put yourself in a certain situation that you can flourish. At least that’s what I hope is going to happen! I’m sort of free falling with style at the moment.

$2 Million Dollars - Casey Neistat

 So what now? The plan is to increase my range of cards and get them stocked in more stores throughout Ireland, north and south. I also want to explore my fine art side. By that I mean, I want to start creating just for the joy of it and see what happens. I enjoyed doing detailed drawings and paintings when I was at school but I’ve hardly done any since! Although I really think my patience has reduced in a big way since those days… or maybe it’s my attention span that’s more limited? I have already started to create a series of little wire robots attached to a canvas along those fine art lines. So you’ll see them showing up somewhere in the next few months!

With all this in mind, I’ve released 2 new prints! I created rough versions a few months ago and have had them in my studio. They’re statements I’ve found helpful to look at and read in moments of fear that all this might not work out. I know everyone can't help but think like that sometimes. My hope is that with one of these prints on your wall you might have that little bit of extra encouragement to go after what you want! <3

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Debbie x