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Hello! This is a little tour of the Father's Day cards I have available. Of course Father's Day isn't the only occasion that they would be suitable for, but with June nearly here I thought this might be helpful.

Father's Day June 18th Card Tour

First lets look at the cards designed to be from your little ones.

"Just Like You"A sweet little card sure to soften the heart of the manliest of men! What a compliment for the little human that you helped create to aspire to be just like you. I suppose this card could also be from an adult, our parents are always that bit older ( no way! ) and wiser than us.

"Poo Songs" - This card was inspired by my 3 year old niece. I was thinking if she were to write her own card to her Mum or Dad for a special day what might she write on it. At that time, she was especially amused by adding the word “poo” into songs. This is always initially met with disapproval before it’s impossible not to join in and singalong!

Father's Day Cards from the kids Debmon Design

Now on to the cards that you could buy for your very own Dad, assuming a child hasn't stumbled upon my blog. 

"My Spider Killer"I personally don’t have a problem with spiders. Well…. medium to small ones are fine. But I know a lot of people have relied on a parent or sibling to rescue them from those creepy crawlies when they come too close. I imagined the simple image of a bug swatter with all those legs peeping out from underneath and voila! 

Mum & Dad Greeting Cards Debmon Design Flat Lay

"I PROMISE I won't speak when the NEWS is on today" - This might not sound like the most exciting of promises, but if your Dad is anything like mine, he’d appreciate the guaranteed silence when the news is on. Yes I know news is repeated a few times a day and there is a whole channel dedicated to it but everything must be heard during the 6 o’clock and again at the 10 o’clock news. I’ve long lost count of how many times I got forcefully sshhed when I was growing up. With a little bit of chatting in the room my Dad’s listening face would appear. The telltale sign of his listening face was a raised chin and a slight scowl. A sshh was always soon to follow.

Dad Can Fix It Debmon Design Card

"Dad Can Fix It"Dad’s just know how to get things fixed. Whether it’s car related, a DIY problem, or bank stuff. They’re just a shout, text or phonecall away and ready to share their wisdom. Then it's up to you if you follow it or do your own thing anyway. If you're Dad is the complete opposite of this and not the handiest around the house, use it as a sarcastic card. ;)

Debmon Design Lycra Your Wheels Bike Card

"I Lycra Your Wheels" - This is the newest design in the collection. It mixes a love of puns with the love of biking. In my experience when men / Dads decide to take up biking they go all in! If it's going to be done it must be done right. They need all the lycra clothing they can find. Those proper bike shoes that clip into the pedals are purchased. Biking gloves. Does this remind you of anyone?

All these cards come with the option of a brown or orange envelope. I designed them to be unisex where possible so they're super versatile.

And here ends the tour, thanks for coming along! I hope there's something here that's made you laugh and that you might like to buy for your Dad or a loved one. You can click on the images or the card name to see it in my shop.

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