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Pie season is upon us! One of the few upsides of winter in my opinion if you’re not THAT into Christmas. The only true pies in my book are those surrounded in pastry, the savoury type, possibly filled with steak and gravy or chicken and ham, but never kidney. I like to keep the delicious crust to the very end, but the key is to leave a little bit of filling near it with your final slices! This way you still have some moistness to go along with those dry flaky dream filled crusts.

I am aware that other pies are available, and often just as tasty, and filling. Mostly they involve toppings of mashed potatoes, which saves you having to cook much else to go with it.

I’ve never tried to cook a pie myself, maybe one day I will make the most perfect pastry pie to have ever existed and I will then be the presenter of the newest hit cooking show, “The Pie Off”. I’d watch it! The losing pie makers get pied. 

My leavers shirt, which is a regrettable way to spend £30 for something I only wore once, had PIE written on the back. Not my second name or a fun nickname that I was never lucky enough to be bestowed but PIE. I choose this because in French class anytime I had to talk about food or what I had for dinner the night before, I always said I had pie - la tarte. Wishful thinking perhaps!