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252 Words on Pie. Posted on 08 Nov 20:05 , 0 comments

Pie season is upon us! One of the few upsides of winter in my opinion if you’re not THAT into Christmas. The only true pies in my book are those surrounded in pastry, the savoury type, possibly filled with steak and gravy or chicken and ham, but never kidney.

Father's Day Card Tour Posted on 25 May 20:54 , 0 comments

Hello! This is a little tour of the Father's Day cards I have available. Of course Father's Day isn't the only occasion that they would be suitable for, but with June nearly here I thought this might be helpful.

Father's Day June 18th Card Tour

Thoughts On Handwritten Letters From Years Gone By Posted on 25 Apr 15:48 , 3 comments

The postage stamp on the slightly blue-tinged envelope says 19 FEB 1974. That was 16 years before I was born. The writing inside doesn’t look familiar to me, although I suppose it should. I’m referring to a handwritten letter, sent to my Mother from my Dad, one of many that travelled back and forth, across the country during their dating days.

Old Letters and Records Debmon Design


I Quit My Day Job! Posted on 27 Feb 15:02 , 0 comments

Yes that’s right! After 9 years working as a Customer Assistant in Boots, I work there no longer. It was my first job. I started when I was in lower sixth, it was really only suppose to be a Christmas temp gig! But after that first Christmas I worked Wednesday nights and Saturdays until I went to Uni. Then I only worked Saturdays and more recently I’d been doing extra hours during the week too. My last day was on 28th January 2017, and boy am I enjoying having my weekends back!!

free falling ginger robot

My Unique Spin On Custom Portraits Posted on 22 Jun 14:55 , 6 comments

The whole robot theme of Debmon Design started with drawings of a little robot sat in an armchair, watching a movie. I first drew them during my Foundation year at Uni in 2010. When we had the opportunity to create & display some work in a local arts venue/bar called The Black Box.

Movie Night Robot

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