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Father's Day Card Tour Posted on 25 May 20:54 , 0 comments

Hello! This is a little tour of the Father's Day cards I have available. Of course Father's Day isn't the only occasion that they would be suitable for, but with June nearly here I thought this might be helpful.

Father's Day June 18th Card Tour

Thoughts On Handwritten Letters From Years Gone By Posted on 25 Apr 15:48 , 3 comments

The postage stamp on the slightly blue-tinged envelope says 19 FEB 1974. That was 16 years before I was born. The writing inside doesn’t look familiar to me, although I suppose it should. I’m referring to a handwritten letter, sent to my Mother from my Dad, one of many that travelled back and forth, across the country during their dating days.

Old Letters and Records Debmon Design


I Quit My Day Job! Posted on 27 Feb 15:02 , 0 comments

Yes that’s right! After 9 years working as a Customer Assistant in Boots, I work there no longer. It was my first job. I started when I was in lower sixth, it was really only suppose to be a Christmas temp gig! But after that first Christmas I worked Wednesday nights and Saturdays until I went to Uni. Then I only worked Saturdays and more recently I’d been doing extra hours during the week too. My last day was on 28th January 2017, and boy am I enjoying having my weekends back!!

free falling ginger robot

My Unique Spin On Custom Portraits Posted on 22 Jun 14:55 , 7 comments

The whole robot theme of Debmon Design started with drawings of a little robot sat in an armchair, watching a movie. I first drew them during my Foundation year at Uni in 2010. When we had the opportunity to create & display some work in a local arts venue/bar called The Black Box.

Movie Night Robot

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